Linda Wiesemann

Linda Wiesemann

Linda Wiesemann

  • Born 1969
  • 1993 – 2003 in The Netherlands and England
  • Since 2003 in Germany
  • mother to one daughter

Having done Colour-therapy, Meditation and Channeling I entered my first professional training course as a healer in Amsterdam  in 1996. It took 2 years and meant the development and training of the psychic gift and spiritual healing. The NFPN ( Beroepsorganisatie voor Natuurgeneeskundig Therapeuten) attached great importance to cooperate with orthodox medicine. Afterwards I worked for several years with a well-known British healer in his London clinic and studied the art of healing as taught by Harry Edwards, the founder of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers NFSH (now THT).
Further qualifications:

  • Companion for terminal and dying patients
  • Naturecure and Yoga instructor-training in India

Since 1996 I work as a professional healer also doing house- and hospital-visits.
I worked in India and Africa and enjoyed teaching Yoga in London.

I practise the art of meditation for more than 20 years and several retreats in the buddhist tradition of Vipassana strengthened that path of (self-)awareness.

I personally attach importance to membership of a healing organisation and I have always been with one (NFPN, NFSH, RHA and CHO).
I am a healer and teacher according to the rules of the Dachverband Geistiges Heilen DGH in Germany.
I believe it to be a quality control in favour of the client.

For some years I run the ESMM-Schule in Germany, a college for the development of sensitive and psychic people.
In November 2009 I became chair of the Rainbow Healing Association RHA, my former tutor’s healing organisation. It is a registered charity in Great Britain.